GIMP Construction Services Ltd. (GCS) was established on 10 January, 2006, after the restructuring of S. P. Construction Company. 

Our company, which has successfully operated throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, was founded on the principles of honesty, reliability, and quality workmanship which we have maintained in an effort to minimize the unscrupulous practices that exist in the construction industry.

Over the years, GIMP Construction Services Ltd. has worked on small, medium, and large-scale construction projects inclusive of residential and commercial buildings as well as church edifices.

We have become known as the “clean-up man” to our clients after their horrific experiences with their projects.

In such instances, homeowners and commercial property owners have either suffered great financial loss because of uncompleted work, shoddy workmanship or endured untold hardship because of delays in the completion of their projects. 

Subsequently, such clients have had to undergo partial demolition and corrective reconstruction of their projects.

GIMP Construction Services Ltd. will continue to provide our valued clients with excellent service and professional workmanship. 

To this end, our primary objective is to foster and maintain positive relationships with our clients during and long after the completion of their projects no matter the size.

Mission Statement

Whereas, the pursuit of industry standards is indeed laudable, at GIMP Construction Services Ltd., our mission is to not only achieve, maintain, and exceed such standards, but also to ensure that we do all that we can to assist our clients in achieving their goal.

Although projects often differ in size, shape and classification whether residential or commercial, we will use our unique competitive advantage of being a disciplined, well-coordinated team of tradesmen and industry professionals to provide innovative ideas and practical solutions for our
clients. Further, we shall strive to ensure that the integrity of our products and services is always a priority.

To this end, we will endeavor to create and maintain cordial relationships with our clients, for we are fully aware that it takes nothing less than the total integration of the aforementioned to provide the impetus by which our mission will be achieved.

Thus, knowing that our steps are ordered by the Lord God, we shall become and remain the better alternative, locally and abroad.

Vision Statement

At GIMP Construction Services Ltd., our vision is to become and remain the better alternative to
what is being offered by our competitors, while simultaneously revolutionizing the construction
industry with our business model, methods, and practices, both locally and abroad.

GIMP Construction Services Ltd., the better alternative!